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nCino's Small Business Banking Solution

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Empower your institution to serve the breadth of small businesses with success

Optimize workflow and staffing
Enable success for bankers and their clients
Deliver personalized service to small businesses
Tailored automation for the right processes

Every business is different. From fast, innovative online solutions to in-person interactions, financial institutions must provide services that meet small businesses at every moment of their journey. nCino's Small Business Banking Solution is flexible and scalable to meet the unique needs of each small business. Differentiate from the competition with seamless onboarding and deposit account opening, fast loan approval times, and data-driven advice so businesses can focus on building and executing their strategy and vision.

Get to Know nCino's Small Business Banking Solution

Our Small Business Banking Solution meets your digital banking needs through multiple innovative solutions. Some of these solutions include:

The Small Business customer portal provides easy navigation for your customers to submit and review required documentation.
The Small Business customer portal helps users determine their overall loan eligibility.
The New Customer Onboarding route allows financial institutions to gather the information they need to know their customers.
The Ownership and Roles route allows users to enter ownership hierarchy data and business account data.
The automated decisioning route provides the means for customers and institutions to quickly receive and understand loan application approval or denial.
Loan Auto Decision

Reduce effort on loans by identifying parameters in which a loan should be automatically approved, declined or recommended for manual review.

Automated Spreading

Intelligently automating the spreading of financial data from financial statements and tax returns and seamlessly inputting the data into nCino's Credit Analysis.

Automated Underwriting

A highly adaptive solution for running loan analyses using customer, business and third-party data to instantly analyze loan applications.

Online Application

Enables financial institutions to establish and configure applications to be completed online by customers and/or employees

Deposit Account Opening

A standard workflow can be configured to open business accounts online or in-branch.

Treasury Services

From the initial sale through implementation and maintenance, exceed complex commercial transaction goals and increase customer satisfaction.

Credit Integrations

Services include but are not limited to: benchmarking, credit reporting, document preparation, e-signature, flood services and identity verification.

Business Onboarding

Onboard businesses and conduct needs assessments with streamlined workflow preconfigured to an institution's processes.

"nCino has built a platform that can deliver high tech touch, maximizing process digitization while optimizing employee and customer time."
Alenka Grealish, Principal Analyst, Celent

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